Large Reed Pouch With Silk Liner - Copy

Heartland Imports

I created Heartland Imports while in Asia in order to bring products that utilize fair trade practices and are eco-friendly to the United States. The only way to become familiar with the Asian culture was to interact with the people in a meaningful way and learn their customs.  Thus, I learned how to assist them with their crafts and how to make them profitable through fair practices. Being a ceramic artist for 25 years, I know the value of a customer who wants to purchase products on a wholesale level. A singular sale to one person helps pay the rent slowly and with much apprehension. So, today when I visit a shop of a second world hand-crafter, I know their families’ quality of life is improving.

With an artist’s eye, I have hand-picked for my customers the best my travels have to offer. As you browse my selections of jewelry, scarves, purses, bags and prints, please keep in mind that these pieces are hand-crafted and will each have some variation in color and finish. The marks of the artist are there; the beauty and the thorns.